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    Grievance Review System

  • The Grievance Review System aims to seek a reasonable resolution for grievances related to public officials through examinations and consultations by allowing them to file complaints with the personnel authority in connection with work conditions, personnel management, and other personnel affairs. The review committee takes a third party approach and plays a moderating role by mediating and advising to resolve grievances smoothly.

    The goal of the Grievance Review System is to identify various issues that pose challenges in work conditions and to resolve such issues to boost morale by guaranteeing the civil rights of public officials and enhancing their work performance.
  • Necessity

  • Individual responses to frequent grievances generally include aggravated levels of work stress, depression and suicide, lower work performance and work efficiency, as well as higher absenteeism and turnover rates.
    Also, as grievances become more frequent, job satisfaction, work efficiency, and the productivity of the members of an organization decreases.
    In particular, considering that public officials have less choice in working conditions involving a change in jobs or duties compared to private sector employees, if grievances are not resolved in a timely manner, they may lead directly to work stress, illnesses arising from such stress, and work inefficiency.
  • Characteristics

  • The grievance review system provides correction and resolution through an examination of the grievance review committee to ensure that the public official raising the grievance and the concerned institution can resolve the case smoothly. The result of the examination shall not be binding on the administrative agency and will only come into effect if the concerned institution independently makes a decision and takes action.
  • Procedures for Grievance Review

  • Grievance Consultation

  • Persons with appointing authority designates relevant civil servants who will conduct consultation with the applicant for certain matters that require confidentiality, including those regarding personal affairs.
    In principle, grievance consultation is conducted at the level of person with appointing authority within the organization. However, in practice, consultation can be carried out through Appeals Commission.
    The head of the relevant organization designates a responsible department and an adviser by considering the headcount in the relevant civil servant’s class.